Sh!tshow Rosé

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Crisp and light with flavors of strawberry and herbs. Balanced, dry, and delicious!

Our Rosé is made from grapes grown in Washington State and made by drawing off juice from each batch of grapes as they begin to ferment, called a saigneé, or bleed. Then it was fermented and blended for perfect balance and acidity and aromatics.

With international recognition and customers demanding more (in the nicest way possible), we decided to focus our attention on making a great and respectable Rosé for our expanding and excited group of Sh!tshow enthusiasts. We've delivered on our promise with our dry Rosé! Made from the same grapes as our Sh!tshow red wine, plus a few others like Pinot Gris, our blend is perfect for all light-hearted occasions and gatherings with friends or as a fun gift!