Mystery Box

Mystery Box

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You know that feeling when you see a bunch of people laughing and you're like, "What's so funny?"

And everyone's like, "Oh, it's nothing. You had to be there."

That's how we feel about telling you the details of this deal. Trust us—it's a great deal. It's just that we can't really tell you what it is.

We promise: we've hand-picked some cool wine and merch. But we can't tell you what they are.

Let us in on the secret with your clothing size and style preference and we'll pick for you!

Bad Date (small)- contains 1 bottle of wine and 1 piece of swag

Work Dinner (medium)- contains 4 bottles of wine and 2 pieces of swag

Family Reunion (large)- contains 10 bottles of wine and 2 pieces of swag

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