Sh!tshow White

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Well hello there, you beautiful, complex glass of white wine!

You know, we've been looking for something like you all our lives. We're so glad we met. You're not just any old white wine. No, no. You're a red wine—disguised as a white wine. You're rich, bold, and full of flavor. You're the full package. In fact, the only thing you don't have is tannins… which is good because tannins are gross and make our mouths feel dry and furry. But besides that? You've totally got it going on.

And best of all? You're an everyday drinking wine! That means we can sip on you as much as we want without feeling guilty about it (not that we would ever feel bad about drinking wine). Like what's better than that? Nothing!

So thank you for everything—you know we'll always be here for you when you need us (or even when you don't); oh, and congrats on all the awards you've won!