Try out the latest TikTok trend: Jalapeño Rosé

Try out the latest TikTok trend: Jalapeño Rosé

Spicy cocktails are all the rage lately. I’m sure you’ve seen spicy margaritas on a restaurant's cocktail menu many times. But have you ever thought of making your wine spicy? All you have to do is infuse your rosé with jalapeños.  We know… it sounds crazy, but it’s the latest wine trend on TikTok.

The sharpness and spice of the jalapeño's cuts through the sweet, citrus undertones of the wine. It’s easy to make and something new to try with your favorite rosé wine to spice things up a little. All you need is a bottle of rosé, jalapeños, and some ice or chilled wine. Just slice the jalapeños, put them in a glass, and pour the wine over them. You can add 3 slices of jalapeño or more depending on how spicy you'd like it to be.

Get a little adventurous this season and try it out with a bottle of our Sh!tshow Rosé.

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