Sh!tshow Wine Holiday Gift Guide

Sh!tshow Wine Holiday Gift Guide

Do you have a wine lover in your life that you’re trying to buy gifts for this holiday season? Of course you do, everyone loves wine. We offer everything from quality wine to wine stoppers or even gift cards if you're not sure exactly what to get. Here are a few great gift options to choose from our shop that we're sure any wine drinker would love. 

1.  Wine & Wine Collectors Box 


We offer Sh!tshow Wines, Grat!tude Wines, and Optimism Wines in our online store. You can shop our wine here. If the person you're buying for is more sarcastic you might want to get them a Sh!tshow Wine. If they're more upbeat and optimistic maybe our Grat!tude Wine or Optimism Wine would be better. It's all up to you to decide. Pair the wine with one of our Sh!tshow Wine Collectors Boxes and you have yourself a thoughtful gift for any wine lover. 

2. Mystery Box 


Maybe the person you're shopping for loves a good mystery. Lucky for you we offer wine mystery boxes in our store as well. In each box you'll receive wine and merch. The size of the box you order determines how much wine and merchandise you'll receive. It makes a fun gift and gives you the best deal on our wines!  

3. Sh!tshow Merch


We have everything from wine stoppers, to hats, to clothing in our merch store! Pairing our merch with any of our wines would make a great gift for any wine lover out there. 

4. Our Newest Wine Release: Sh!tshow Reserve 


Our newest addition is a delicious red wine aged and additional 10 months in a New American Oak Barrel. It has notes of red and black fruit as well as vanilla and spice. Warm and comforting for this upcoming holiday season. 

5. Gift Wrapped Bottles


Just looking to get a bottle of wine? We offer gift wrapped bottles for just an additional $3. You won't have to wrap it or look for a bag big enough to comfortably fit a bottle of wine. Just double check that the number of gift wrapped bottles = the number of gift bags in your cart before you check out!

6.  Gift Cards 


Not exactly sure what to buy? Or maybe you're just shopping for someone who's really picky? Don't worry, we offer gift cards as well.


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